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The Boatique Hotel is proud to be in partnership with 3:1 Connect, a humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering local Guatemalans, as well as expats from around the world. 


3:1 Connect is dedicated to partnering up with local Guatemalans committed to helping the sick, orphaned or abandoned children, under-educated youth, elderly & the poor. It also supports environmental sustainability programs designed to educate & create innovative solutions for recycling in the Rio Dulce area.


Guests, travelers & backpackers at the Boatique Hotel and Marina will have countless opportunities to immerse themselves in the vibrant Guatemalan culture by working side by side with local villagers in the area. We believe greatly in the power that is created when human beings, whether from the developing world or the developed world, are given opportunities to connect on a level that empowers one another. Cultural experience, gratitude, hard work, and the sharing of unique skills and experiences easily cross borders.


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Humanitarian Adventure Travel

Who we are

Boatique Hotel and Marina is a family owned and ran business specializing in humanitarian adventure travel. Partnering with Three1 Connect, our vision is to connect the developing world of Guatemala, with the developed world; USA, Canada, Europe, and beyond.

Three1 Connect has made it our mission to watch and follow local Guatemalans who are committed to helping their own people. Organizing camps for children, providing aid to orphans, elderly, the sick and impoverished as well as providing further education. Our personal fulfillment and joy is in aiding humanitarian efforts and has been the spark that urged us to build the Boatique Hotel and Marina. We look forward to connecting each traveler where they can make the biggest impact.

How We Help

Our property, in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle, is the perfect setting for travelers, students, families, backpackers, humanitarians and explorers alike. By using our property to both accommodate humanitarian travelers and connect individuals to their perfect volunteer opportunity, we make changing the world easier than ever.



Why connect our cultures?

Simply put, we need each other. When we embrace new cultures and allow others into our lives we learn, grow, find peace and purpose. We have found that Guatemala is the perfect place for this. Both cultures have so much to give &  receive from each other.

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WhatsApp: +502 4040 0600

Boatique Hotel and Marina, Creek Leon,

Rio Dulce, Guatemala


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