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Empowering People 

Who Help People

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Boatique Hotel and Marina, along with Three1Connect, seeks to create lasting relationships with those creating a positive difference within their communities. By connecting with those who are already making an impact in Guatemala, we are able to provide support in hundreds of ways at once to multiple separate organizations. 


At Boatique Hotel and Marina, our main purpose is to provide opportunity for travelers wishing to invest their time, compassion and love into the community. Through Three1Connect, we are committed to pairing travelers with humanitarian organizations which fit their own individual set of skills.  
Within our community, there are countless different needs and opportunities to contribute. By connecting with a number of organizations helping in different ways, we are able to connect travelers with organizations fitting their own personal skills and compassions. Opportunities include working within orphanages, aiding environmental projects, providing villages with education and medical care, and more. 

       WE                  HARNESS INDIVIDUALITY

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